The Xiling reserve organization "big 20 days, to enhance" environmental investigation work

Author:  Source:   Time:2015-07-31

On the morning of July 30, county leadership Han Zhaohong, Liu Yongsheng, Liu Delu, Michael led Qingxiling 5A office building, person in charge of the open spots, "work energetically for 20 days, improved environmental special action carried out of joint investigation. Joint search activities to take the listening, watching, check, review the form, the person in charge of the work of the various attractions, work progress, work effectiveness, work highlights and innovative practices and other aspects of the report.

To do the next step, Han Zhaohong requirements: first, to further improve the understanding, continue to improve environmental standards, through the dedication, than the energy, than the level, the cohesion of the upper and lower power, changing the work style, to show the spirit, and strive to enhance the core area of integrated environmental standards. Two to focus on action, through the special action to support the habit, see the results. Three we should learn from each other, the scenic spots through the details, strict standards, and promote improvement.