County leaders Han Zhaohong, Liu Delu to create a plan for the core area of the scene investigation

Author:  Source:   Time:2015-08-08


On August 4 to August 5, to accelerate the Qing Xiling 5A scenic area to create a core area planning process, county leaders Korea toward the red, Liu Delu lead protection zone, Xiling Wenguan department related personnel, and Hebei and intelligence planning project company responsible person together to Taichang Mahal, Mu Ling, Chang Ling Xi, Chong Chong Ling Fei garden coffin chamber, Yongfu temple, tourism highway along key village key areas of research. In the process of research, the relevant personnel around the core scenic area planning to carry out in-depth communication and discussion, as the core of the overall improvement of the scenic spot to lay a solid foundation.