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Qing Xiling Gu Songlin

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Qing Xiling known as "Xiling pine pine forest sea", is one of the ten state. Easy water is in the winding river, the quiet mountains, within a radius of 5 km range, densely covered with more than 15000 strains Gusong. More than 20 million trees Yousong, vast pine with ups and downs of the mountain, winding take the opportunity, diffuse around the magnificent ancient Jianqun, gray Tracy, layers of ripples, composed of a piece of loose marine, like a piece of green jade inlaid in the vast North China Plain.

Tracing its origin, this piece of pine forest Shizhi in Yong Zheng dynasty. "Mausoleum in Feng Shui, shade protection to the trees for the first, the Qing Dynasty government the trees is seen as the Xiling construction is an important content, from the annual Yong Zhengshi dial earmarked green. After the Qing Dynasty number generation emperor nearly two hundred years of painstaking efforts, Parker, Qiao Songju, towering Biri, forming an endless pine forest, to "Chui sea" reputation.

Xiling pine the main source to source county, west of hilly areas in the mountains of the, timber tree, moved to the mausoleum after selecting seedling planting, in order to Zhuang Mao, and strictly in accordance with the planning requirements planted on the hilly region.

The planting form of Xiling pine is divided into "row planting" and "sea planting". Row planting in buildings in the vicinity of a trip into the row planting, like guarding the tomb of the rely on; sea plant which is in the hill gully area within the scope of irregular planting, said "sea tree". Cultivate planting funding for all the trees were included in the Jian Ling funds, by households in a special kind of tree de worming, watering and pruning, and strict management, people are forbidden to destroy, and offenders light caning, heavy death.

Xiling Gusong age, were over 300 years old, lush, boomer. What is even more impressive is the Gusong not only during the long, number, and each one is unique, a tall stature, towering giant loose, graceful shape, pine foliage Fenpi Bodhisattva, loose more graceful maid, graceful vase pine and pine branches connected to the couple, trunk, white pine, full of power and grandeur of Podocarpus... It is the most famous of them in different poses and with different expressions, is located adjacent to the "Wolong city Yong Zheng tailing pine". It's the name of the Chen Yi boss to give up. In 1959, Chen Yi CEOs to Xiling to, he saw the Gusong pedal footing, trunk leaning on the wall like dragons, shoot in the air stretch claw like, asparagus, like a Wolong accompanied Emperor Yongzheng, gladly and name it "Wolong loose".

According to records, the Qing Xiling were planted pines and cypresses, more than 20 million trees, due to the ravages of war and war, man-made felling, Xiling Gusong has dropped to less than 20000 strains, but is still in North China's largest ancient pine forest. More than 20000 Gusong in the backdrop, more than 20 million trees Yousong diffuse in the broad ancient Jianqun around, the scenery is spectacular, if overlooking Denggao, Zuozuo house like a blue sea Xiandao, albeit not very clearly, and when you enter the forest probing, indulge in bursts of Songtao, deep green, often rosin. Qiu Zhi, green pines and verdant cypresses trees, the air fresh and sweet, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. According to monitoring, pine forest, the content of negative oxygen ion is a populated area a few times, Xiling Songhai has natural oxygen bar image is accepted by people, more and more people come here for leisure travel, enjoy the beauty at the same time, enjoy nature's gift.