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Qingxiling hill formed of

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Qing Dynasty accession to the WTO, the emperor Shunzhi minister to lead to the Chang Ruishan Zunhua County Malanyu hunting the school, found that Chang Ruishan "Wang gas lush, Deoksugung I", thus "pickup Pei She throw, encyclical Shi Chen said: 'She fall as cave' to Ling, all surprised for the Kyrgyz soil". Since the reign of Shunzhi in Chang Ruishan selected auspicious treasure house and the construction of the mausoleum, Emperor Kangxi also with buried there, thus forming a has large scale of Dongling mausoleum. So, Xiling in what form?                                          

After he ascended the throne, Emperor Yongzheng, are in accordance with the feudal society son father's burial burial system, send geomancy minister select tomb site in the territory of Dongling, after repeated Bu selection, and finally selected Jiufeng Shan sun but later because there "although large in scale, and bureau, hole in the soil with sand and gravel, not available". And there will be destroyed. Later, Yong Zheng sent his thirteen brother Yunxiang and feng shui master Gao Qizhuo selected million years for him to Ji bu. They beat the Gyeonggi area of mountains and rivers, and finally selected the Yixian County Yongning mountain taipingyu. They are to the Yongzheng's Memorial, praised here is "Qiankun poly show area, yin and Yang and, Longxue sand water no beautiful, situation of Qi Zhu Ji Xianbei, mountain water, organized Xiangming, Xun is auspicious soil". Emperor Yongzheng of the geomantic treasure ground is also very satisfied, but he felt easy two Zunhua state and 200 km apart, so far out of the father, in the heart cant not bear to, moreover does with the ancient ceremony breach? Therefore, he sent ministers have access to historical data, not far from the father of another in the example search history. Ministers after repeated verification, to he cited the many away from the father Jianling case and memorials on said "minister etc. according to the age of kings and annals, Kao Zhu Shu, emperors, such as Xia Yu in Zhejiang Kuaiji, and self start following in Shanxi Xiaxian, Shatin and in Henan Taikang, during which phase to Xi Zhiqian...... And if the Han and Tang Dynasties emperors and in Shaanxi, although Han Gautier, Emperor Wen, emperor, emperor, was built in the Xianyang, Changan, Gaoling, Xing county equality; Tang emperor, Taizong, Emperor Zong Yuan points built in Sanyuan today, Liquan, dry state, Pucheng, etc.; in the meantime to far -, near 229. This Taining Taiping mountain valley million years auspicious, although Xiaoling, Jing Ling to Barry, easy to state and Zunhua state boundaries and the capital close near, cohabitation Jifu listed China, the real is not far away. " So, apart far and near with the old system is not appropriate. Moreover, the "Ley was a Swiss, relating to the origin of Tianyun, listing the hundreds of miles Panjie Fu District, for aeons Houze." The choice is related to the destiny of the country, "the emperor should choose to win and break". After ministers a statement, Emperor Yong Zheng that said "I heart only an". Yu Yongzheng eight years (1730) began to build, to be completed in 1737, Xiling hill formed.

Another thing about Yong Zheng hill, in addition to the historical records, and the unofficial legend. The legend says, Yong Zheng changed the imperial usurper, killing brother brother Tu. Because the matrimony, so after the death of the father's side to build the tomb, so far away from Kangxi, another hill. And that, during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, ambitious, good governance, and laid the foundation of the height of the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, in the construction of the mausoleum of want to their momentum. If the tombs in Dongling, the father Zuling sleep earlier, it is not up to highlight their purpose, so another hill. Not long ago, Yong Zheng and Qing experts, the construction of Xiling, for strategic defense, defending the safety significance of beijing.