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The management mechanism and the village

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Now the territory of Xiling in Manchu as the main inhabitants of the village, in the Qing Dynasty is the mausoleum of Barracks Management agency. The formation of these barracks, Yong Zhengjian began the tomb, built in Mu Ling after light check. Chong Ling because it is during the period of the Republic of China before the completion of the project, the government of the Republic of China not to build mausoleum management mechanism, the mausoleum of the sacrifice and management various matters concerned by other mausoleum escrow. After the demise of the Qing Dynasty, the names of these institutions in the barracks during the Republic of China to the village system to name the village now.

Tailing tomb Xing Industry and trade, the guard Mausoleum of hundreds of millions of years to forever plan. In the first year of the eighth year of Yongzheng and Qianlong successively in hilly area around the establishment of mausoleum authority, responsible for the affairs of the project management of the mausoleum and sacrifice, formed a huge, system, a full range of management guard team. The mausoleum of division of authority duties.

Things palace is the hilly area of the highest governing body, the officials by the emperor's brothers and nephews and other royal family members as and its responsibilities is supervision, inspector Lingqu affairs, have the right to directly played the emperor.

Taining town Zongbing is the mausoleum of the highest military leaders, in charge of the affairs of the eight banners and green camp, Taining town Taiwan is mausoleum highest civilian officials.

Mausoleum of the Ministry, responsible for the mausoleum of the maintenance engineering, manufacturing part of the sacrificial, making the hilly region in the Qingming Festival for the size Buddha flowers, making sacrifices the incineration of gold and silver, barley paper, responsible for prepare the Qingming Festival deposited soil ceremony for the land, the basket of earth, yellow cloth door shoe. The four Festival Princess Garden coffin chamber day, our personnel will assist nawufu, install tables, in order of wine bottles.

Green camp is living Luying army barracks, because the soldiers are Han eight banners, the flag is green, so called green vexillary. They are responsible for the protection of the periphery of the mausoleum. The barrack eight soldiers, be responsible for and participate in safety around the mausoleum, Mausoleum ritual activities.

The nawufu administrative and judicial. Our member to the board of rites, warehouse receiving, returned to sacrifice the vessels of gold and silver, Ji Ling with a variety of offerings, boiling milk, opening and closing the doors of the palace, the doors of the temple, clean the ground, on rain ride, burning the lights went out, please send the God card, placed a table, display offerings and handed offer tea, trees of tubes.

Mausoleum of rites, is mainly responsible for the production and supply of offerings are made of various kinds of raw materials, goods, presided over the ceremony, celebrant, master of ceremonies, read Zhu Wen, incineration wish silk, paper ingot, removing weeds, cleaning the ground, in conjunction with the mausoleum nawufu, soldiers of the Eight Banners joint management of the gold and silver vessels library, slaughtered cattle and sheep, the production of meat offerings, such as too tightly, less firmly.

Military officers and soldiers of martial arts is the examination room.

Today, address these institutions mausoleum barracks still exist, only the name has been replaced by the name of the village, and now a village contains the past a mausoleum institutions. The barracks is now tailing village Taihe East gate.

Nawufu barracks is now tailing five river village, formerly known as Xinglong Zhuang Yong Zhengjian tailing.

In the early Qing Dynasty was built in the rear of the village of tailing barracks, then from the organization to the whole staff moved to Tai He zhuang.

Thai Dongling eight barracks located in Phoenix Palace now East Village Street South, a total of two rows.

Thai Dongling rites barracks located in Phoenix Palace village street to the north of what is now the first row.

The Phoenix Palace is located in the east of the village of Tai Dongling School of southeast wall now, now residential.

Phoenix Village of the east wall now school is mausoleum sacrifice when using gold and silver warehouse and the glaciere, Phoenix walled villages in the southeast corner of undertaking affairs yamen is moved from the East and the West Palace (now the Xiling school is located) during the period of the Republic of China.

Thai Dongling nawufu barracks located in Xiao Village now.

The barracks located in the tailing Princess Garden coffin chamber now South Baiquan village. Tailing Princess Garden coffin chamber rites barracks in now the residents of Tai He Zhuang Cun Xi tou, Thai Princess Garden coffin chamber nawufu barracks is now the village of loyalty

The barracks located in what is now North Chang Ling Bai Quan Cun Tai Ping ying.